Company Overview

the rapid technological growth has not only evolved our way we live and interact with each other, but it has also resulted in a vast increase in our e-waste. This explosive growth has led to an escalating issue of end-of-life electronics which contains toxic substances and without the proper processing these toxic materials can be released into the environment. In E-Green Recycling we have been helping our clients for more than 15 years to get rid of their unwanted equipment while supporting their compliance programs and data security mandates by applying the latest version of R2 standards and guidelines, the electronics recycling industry’s leading certification.

Our Mission

To be the preferred choice for our clients, partners and suppliers by providing flexible customized e waste recycling solutions to meet their growing and diverse needs while sustaining our reputation as a dynamic player in the market that achieves profitable growth without compromising the quality .

Our Vision

To protect our planet by adopting a comprehensive approach to sustainability, in which we reduce our environmental impact and foster positive community interactions in all aspects of our business.

Our Philosophy

We believe that our deeds today will have an impact on the future generations—and we take that responsibility seriously we believe that our credibility comes from our abidance by our said principles and standard and ​we take that as the righteous approach to accomplish the balance between economic growth and the progress of the environment while satisfying our clients needs and honoring promises that we have made to them with honesty and transparency

Our Goals

  • Protect human health and surrounding ecosystem
  • Reduce electronic waste by responsibly collecting and recycling used IT equipment
  • Conserve rare earth minerals and natural resource by giving them a second life instead of being land-filled.
  • Raise awareness about Eco-responsibility and the benefit of e-waste recycling.
  • Support People in Your Local Community by refurbishing and utilizing the relatively decent working items